Source Repository

This project uses Git to manage its source code. Instructions on Git use can be found at .

Web Access

The following is a link to the online source repository.


Contributors are encouraged to rebase their commits onto the latest master before sending the pull requests to make the git history clean. The following git instructors should be executed after committing the current work:

git checkout master
git pull <apache/singa upstream> master:master
git checkout <new feature branch>
git rebase master


  • To connect your Apache account with your Github account, Please follow the instructions on: After that you can directly merge PRs using GitHub’s UI.

To merge pull request, the following instructions should be executed,

git clone
git remote add asf
# optional
git pull asf master:master
git fetch origin pull/xxx/head:prxxx
git merge prxxx
git push asf master:master
git remote set-url origin